Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Disneyland Trip Report, Pt. 2

The poppies, California’s state flower, were in full bloom in Town Square [note: a reader pointed out that these were Iceland poppies]. With only a little bit of time until the daily Flag lowering ceremony, I decided to reserve my front row spot and enjoy a little more patriotism (I was still fired up from Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln!).

One of the best parts of the daily ceremony is that all veterans/active duty military in the audience are acknowledged for their service to the country and allowed to participate. Whether agreeing with war or not, we can certainly take a moment to thank those who have given of their time and lives to make sure the rest of us can enjoy the freedom that our nation affords us.

What attraction did I "squeeeeeeze" in when I only had time for one? Why, The Haunted Mansion of course! Aren't these gargoyles in the elevator just precious?

And I'll just bet you that there's a Disney geek out there who can identify all of the china in this scene from the attic:

My niece made it down from LA and before dinner, we had time to visit Abe again, which she had never experienced. It made me feel good to know that she enjoyed it, too! Dinner was the high point for her though, as she had never been to Club 33 before. The staff was extremely accommodating to her when she made a few requests to keep her meal vegetarian.

While she watched Fantasmic! from the balcony, I went around the side to get a few photos of New Orleans Square without any people or strollers. Not an easy task on a Saturday night during Spring Break!

Full from dinner, we still managed to go on a few attractions, and believe it or not, I put the camera away. It was so refreshing to enjoy the attractions without having my eye stuck to the back of my camera. While most guests were watching Fireworks and a 2nd round of Fantasmic!, we breezed through The Mansion, Pirates, Snow White, The Castle Diorama, and Buzz Lightyear. Both of us look baffled, and even though our scores kinda' sucked, we had fun.

Before boarding the Monorail to head home, I let my niece experience all of the 1980’s goodness of “Captain EO.” She is probably still trying to figure out what people were thinking when they made it (although I think she secretly enjoyed it).

This is the 3rd time I've visited the park with my niece, and it proved that there is still a place where those of different generations can hang out and have fun TOGETHER. Thanks for the brilliance, Walt!

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Melissa said...

Love that shot of the Dans!

Connie Moreno said...

Every home should have a gargoyle or two! That shot of NO Square....WOW! Gorgeous!!

Major Pepperidge said...

Just curious, what is the song that the Dapper Dans sing at the flag-lowering ceremony?

Looks like you had fun with your niece, I look forward to taking my niece there someday (when she's a little older)!

TokyoMagic! said...

I agree with Connie about your NOS balcony shot (I think I even see some ghosts down there in the street!)

Daveland said...

Major - Now I have to use my noggin...they sang both "America The Beautiful" and "God Bless America." It really is very stirring.

Momma Nic said...

Just so ya know. The picture of the poppies are not California Poppies, they are Iceland Poppies. But they look good either way huh.

Daveland said...

Thanks Momma Nic - I will correct the post! Iceland in California...who knew??

JG said...

Ha Dave, glad you had a good time with your niece. Mine also had a great time.

Their parents having refused to ever take them, it became my responsibility.

Everyone should see Disneyland with family.


KennethSundberg said...

Dave, great to see your face, too! You may have appeared in some previous photos, but this is the first time I actually recognize you in a photo(with the help of your drawing).