Thursday, June 03, 2010

Traveling Thursdays: Frank Lloyd Wright

Back in 2002, I took a trip to Chicago and my first introduction to Frank Lloyd Wright occurred when I visited his studio in Oak Park. My sense of design was never the same. I immediately fell for his designs, theories, and practical sense of style.

Unfortunately, these photos were shot many cameras ago, so there were only a few shots and they are not the greatest. I really need to get back there.

In Oak Park, there are quite a few Frank Lloyd Wright homes. I would be happy to have any one of them!

One even bears my last name; must be a distant relative. Hope he remembers me in his will:

Nearby in Los Angeles is the Ennis House, built in 1924. Sitting high up on a hill in Los Feliz near Griffith Park, it has been used for a number of Film and TV productions (including Harrison Ford’s “Blade Runner”):

The textile blocks used throughout the fa├žade are amazing; I really love the Mayan influences that Wright incorporated into the design. It is like nothing else I have ever seen.

For only $15 million, this house could be yours. It has been for sale since last June, and is in need of some TLC as you can see from these photos. Unable to make it as a nonprofit, a private owner seems to be the best solution to keep this historic landmark from demolition.

In Arizona, you can find Taliesin West. Built in 1937, it served as the winter home for FLW and as the main campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. On the tour that I took back in 1997, I was told that the final project for each student is to build a temporary home/tent structure that would be torn down once the project was graded.

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Heidi Ann said...

I, too am a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright - and every time I think of him, I hear the beautiful song that Simon and Garfunkel sang "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright" in my head.
His work is beautiful, and so is the song.

Matt said...

I've visited Taliesan West a couple of times, very cool. The tour guides there are hysterical too, they have a full realization of what a pompous ass FLW was, genius notwithstanding.

Major Pepperidge said...

That red stone statue at FLW's studio is odd; it seems strangely melancholy.

Once in a while I'll read about one of his houses being torn down, which kills me. I have to admit that the Ennis House looks like it is in rough shape, the cast concrete blocks appear to be deteriorating. If it was $14 million, I'd buy it, but $15 is just outrageous!

Daveland said...

Heidi - I've never heard of that song - i'll have to check it out. Major - yeah, have to say the future of Ennis doesn't look too bright. Want to split the price and go in on it together?

stu29573 said...

I thought I recongnized Ennis House. It's the original "House on Haunted Hill." It would be a shame to lose it, but it might be tough to find somebody to shell out 15 mil for a "fixer-upper."

mfeige said...

Just so you know, it came on to the Market at 15 Million but has since dropped a ton to 7.85 Million. Still way out of my price range sadly. Here's the link on that information:

Nice Update.


Connie Moreno said...

These were FANTASTIC! If they ever perfect time travel, I plan to go back and buy a couple of these homes, just so you know. But don't worry, I'll have blog parties and invite all of you!

TokyoMagic! said...

Is the Ennis House protected? I'm just wondering if someone would try to buy it at that reduced price for the lot and the view and then tear it down to build something new.....I hope not! I took a tour of it once....truly wonderful. I believe Disney's "The Rocketeer" was also filmed there. I think it is where the villain (Timothy Dalton) lived. I love FLW, but my dad is a major hardcore fan, so I've also been on tours of the Hollyhock House and the Arizona Biltmore with him.

Daveland said...

Chris - You are correct; there are a number of provisions tied to the purchase of the house that will supposedly protect it. I really hope that whoever gets it will somehow be able to allow the public to see it as well.

Brian Sibley said...

Fascinating post! I am a frustrated FLW fan - frustrated because I live on the wrong side of the Atlantic!

One of my dreams would be to one day go to Falling Water, which I have been in love with ever since I saw pictures of it more decades ago now than I care to remember!

Anonymous said...

The interior scenes in Disney's "The Rocketeer" were actually not filmed at the Ennis House, but on a very convincing and detailed set soundstage #1 at The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank!