Wednesday, June 02, 2010

CalColor 1957 at Disneyland, Pt. 3

3 views of the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship, before Skull Rock was added as an enhancement to this beloved area.

Timothy Mouse is cracking the whip on Dumbo:

And a juicy closeup of the Moonliner over in Tomorrowland (try not to get too dizzy from skipping around here, folks!):

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stu29573 said...

Fantastic Moonliner pic! From this we can see a couple of often debated details. First, the tail cone isn't blended into the body, but the nose cone clearly is. Second, the "portholes" are inset about an inch (or so). Thanks, Dave!

Connie Moreno said...

*thunk* I think I just fainted!

Chiana_Chat said...

Good thing there's always someone around here willing to give Connie a hand =O

Did you, well people, sit in that cabin at the back of the tuna boat behind those windows? Fantastic styling anyway, look how the bottom of the "cabin" appears to curl fancifully into the boat.

Not only is Timothy cracking his whip, he's happy - manically, deliriously thrilled about it!

Up up and away! Fantastic Moonliner pic! TWA sure must have dialed down their ambition in the decades since...