Monday, May 31, 2010

CalColor 1957 at Disneyland, pt. 1

Time for another series—this time a batch of CalColor slides from 1957. Just like so many other batches, this one begins at the Main Street Train Station, where you can feast your eyes on a few of the original colorful attraction posters.

Although I can’t say that losing the Skyway was a huge blow to Disneyland, it sure did provide some very cool views of the park. This shot really breaks the mood as you can see a lot of backstage buildings, including the one behind the façade of the Main Street Opera House.

Not very “Main Street” looking, is it?

Finish up with a look at the Castle Moat and the Swans that used to inhabit the green waters there:

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Thufer said...

Amazing look beyound the berm. No hotel/motels, no convension center. Nothing but green past the parking lot. Well, other than those power towers.
What a glorious time to visit the park. (good picture)

Major Pepperidge said...

Any "Cal Color" slides that I've found have turned a wretched magenta! Either you did a good job of restoring them, or it's some sort of miracle that these retained some actual color.

Chiana_Chat said...

Such fun posters. Frontierland and Jungle Cruise, er Jungle River.

Thanks for the cool backstage exposin' shot, with free bonus closeup. :) That's where they were makin' progress building Progressland & Edison Square wasn't it? ;)

Also a neat overview of House of the Future. At the left, what's there behind the lady and little girl? Two twin ladies in light pink and two twin ladies in dark pink? Can't quite make that out.

That's one scraggly hill/mound behind the Plaza Gardens (if that's what it was called then) but the little girls couldn't care less, they're absorbed leaning over and watching the swans. The ones on the further side are probably watching the white swans but the girl nearer us clearly feels the pull of the Dark Side...

Mike said...

Great shot of still functioning Opera lumber mill. It was still 4 years before Babes in Toyland moved in to that space.