Friday, May 21, 2010

Freaky Fridays @ The Haunted Mansion: NBC—Trip To The Loading Area

What a great effect; I’ve always loved how these characters just seem to stare at you as you walk by. Nice addition of the cob-web lighting.

In the tradition of the original Fantasyland Dark Rides, much of the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay relies on black light and fluorescent painted 2-dimensional figures. As low-tech and deceptively simple as that may seem, I still think it looks mighty cool, especially in the loading queue area where all of the main characters from Nightmare Before Christmas can be found, including "Sandy Claws."

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Sam Towler said...

Most people who like to bash the NBC overlay like to point out how "cheap" Disney is with the "plywood cut-outs"; but they don't understand that it's suppose to be like that; like a christmas card (it use to be an advent card where they would put up a figure every week, but they put it all up at once now). As "flat" as it appears, it's still impressive and neat to look at.

Daveland said...

Sam - Thanks for the different perspective; really appreciated.

Connie Moreno said...


TokyoMagic! said...

I agree with Sam....the whole thing is a temporary layover! I think it's pretty darn good for something that is temporary. Now if they were to build a permanent NBC attraction, I would want to see more dimension and less of the flat "Pooh" sets. Of course, they could always add a Sally figure and I wouldn't complain. Tokyo DL's Mansion overlay has two figures of Sally, two Zeros and two A.A.s of Jack! I did a long series of posts on their version in November & December of 2008.

Chiana_Chat said...

A neat point of the loading area (original attraction) is how spare it is, particularly the further back it goes. The effect is that it seems the Mansion just goes on back that way but it melts away into the dark and your attention is drawn to finding another way, which helps the ride transport system to get more of your attention but be more wanted and feel less out of place for it. Genius.

Back to the NBC overlay though, there's sure a lot of space in there and they certainly put in a really big, very colorful display.