Thursday, May 27, 2010

Traveling Thursdays: Carmel by The Sea

I’ve only spent one afternoon here, but boy have I been dying to go back ever since. Just a stone’s throw from Monterey, Carmel is a beautiful and peaceful area. The beach seemed so natural and unspoiled, especially in comparison to the somewhat filthy beaches of Southern California.

If nature isn’t your bag, there’s plenty of cool architecture to marvel over as well:

This one looks like the home from “North by Northwest”:

On my next visit, I want to stay at The Cypress Inn, which I found out was owned by Doris Day!

Meanwhile, in Disney-related news, it is sad to note the recent passing of Art Linkletter, who was the main host for the opening day festivities at Disneyland.

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Connie Moreno said...

Excellent photos! I too, would love to visit Carmel some day.

Major Pepperidge said...

I had to build a model of the mission in Carmel when I was a kid, and yet I've still never gone there.

Katella Gate said...

The closest I've ever been to Carmel is Morro Bay, So I will have to just imagine.

I can just see Doris Day Sweeping down the steps of the Cypress Inn singing "Que sera, sera".

I wonder what's Art saying to Ronnie, and I wish I could see that model he's standing in front of.

walterworld said...

Nice post Dave!

My wife and I spent a wonderful evening at the Cypress Inn last January. They had a fantastic jazz combo playing on a Saturday night.

Not sure if you knew of it, but there is also a Frank Lloyd Wright house that faces the sea near the one you posted a picture of. It was featured in the 50's movie 'A Summer Place'.

I'm planning a post on Carmel in the near future; I took many "then & now shots" during that last visit.

Thanks for your consistently fine posts!