Friday, December 18, 2020

The Return of Fandana Friday!

The mail yielded an expected bundle of joy...and an unexpected one, too. When I checked out Shannon Laskey’s Etsy store, I noticed she had Haunted Mansion fandanas…in the appropriate purple color! HAD to get one. If I have to mask, at least it can be fun and stylish! When the package arrived, Shannon had written “Why is this so lumpy?!” in her cool signature handwriting. PS: I LOVE getting packages from Shannon; to say she makes packaging fun and creative is an understatement. This lady radiates joy!

Inside was the fandana, and it was just as cool as I thought it would be!

Shannon adds plenty of little extras and stories with her products:

Just look at the inspection tag; she knows her Disneyland stuff backwards and forwards! I will have so much fun looking over every little Mansion detail captured on this fandana.

Back to lumpy…Shannon also included (as a bonus to me) this Park Pair Up card game. As she explained:

When we went into shelter-in-place mode in March I started creating this card game and it debuted on Black Friday in my Etsy Store.

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make a cool card game!

The premise: pair up cards inspired by the happiest and most magical theme parks! But, not so fast, there are Tricky cards along the way. Try to foil your opponents and be the first one to reach 150 points. Do that you’ll win the Magic Key to the Kingdom!

Not sure you can handle the brainpower to figure out a new game? Shannon has you covered with a youtube instructional video (she covers ALL the bases).

And yes, there’s an actual Magic Key that comes with the set!


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Unknown said...

Love this Dave! So glad you liked your GTG goodies. Can't wait to ride Haunted Mansion with you someday... xoxo

Daveland said...

Maybe we could get Matthew M. to join us!

Fifthrider said...

Everything in that package was pretty neat. Love the card game.