Thursday, December 03, 2020

Disneyland Cast Members, 1982

When I clean around my scanner, sometimes I uncover treasures like this batch of previously unscanned/posted shots showing Disneyland cast members from 1982. The first three images show cast members from Space Mountain.

Note the Starcade sign on the right:

Moving over to the PeopleMover, this particular cast member rated TWO photos!

Looks like this cast member's badge fell off:

A closeup:

Could this guy’s hair be any more perfect?

Last one for today was a scan from a mystery black and white negative. I have no idea who these people are or where it was shot. It was just sitting next to my scanner. Anybody know?

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Anonymous said...

That clean cut look. I have problems with the current allowance for hairstyles these days but time moves on. And, admittedly,I have less hair than I had as a CM! KS

"Lou and Sue" said...

Too bad the first two gals aren't smiling - they would look beautiful! Instead they look as if they were just told they're fired!

These are fun pictures, Dave - thanks for sharing!

JG said...

The mystery photo is certainly interesting.

Judging by the young lady's outfit, it is taken in late 1950"s perhaps. But the prospector is historically accurate to a much earlier period, maybe 1850's..

All the tools and props are consistent too, right down to the singletree and the all-wooden yoke handle on the shovel (no metal ferrule). Love how the door hinges don't match. The one at the upper left appears to be a replacement, as the shadow left on the wood looks like the shape of the right hand hinges. Typical farm repair, use what you have laying around.

I also like the detail of the bark battens covering the siding joints. That's a real observation from life, so if the building is not authentically that old, it was designed by someone familiar with techniques from that era.

Dave, could this be from one of the movie ranches around Hollywood, like Corriganville?


Major Pepperidge said...

The black and white photo is almost certainly Knott's Berry Farm. Take a look at THIS PHOTO.

JG said...

Major, you are awesome. Definitely the spot.

Knotts is one place besides Disney where I would expect that attention to detail.

Thanks Dave for posting the mystery photo and Major P for identifying the location.


Janey said...

I love these photos of the Cast Members! Very unique and remind me of the older gentleman who took photos of Cast at WDW.

Like others, I agree that the last photo is Knott's. Not only does it look very similar to photos of my family at Knott's in the 50s and 60s, if you look very closely to the far left in the distance you can see some wisteria which is what covered the archway from Chicken Dinner to Ghost Town.

Max said...

that one guy's a fox

Irene said...

My very first thought was Knott's! Thanks for the photo Major sealing the deal :)

Daveland said...

Major - you are the best! Thanks for the id!!

And Max - I agree!