Friday, December 04, 2020

Fandana Friday!

I don’t do it often, but today I am doing a few promotional plugs. I only do these for people/companies I actually know and believe in, so you better believe I stand behind whatever I endorse on here. First up is this INCREDIBLE fandana from Shannon Laskey over at Going to Guides.

Her trio of guides to visiting the Disney theme parks are sprinkled with photos from yours truly.

I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon in person previously at the Chateau Marmont in a completely unplanned “the universe is making things happen” serendipity moment. I couldn’t have planned it any better! To say that I adore Shannon is putting it mildly.

Not only is she just about the nicest person I have ever met, she is creative as heck (in a good way, not a really bad craft store way) and an entrepreneur who completely “gets” the vintage vibe of Disneyland. Back to the fandana that she has released. Perfect for wearing in public and yes, I have done so and gotten RAVES from those who have seen it.

But Dave…where can I get my very own fandana? Stop whining and I’ll tell ya! On Shannon’s etsy site; here’s the direct link to the 64th Anniversary Fandana pack. And if you want some really unique (in a good way) holiday gifts/stocking stuffers, Shannon’s Etsy shop is the place to go.

One more worthy plug for today…

For those of you who are neon fanatics like me, I received a plea from Eric Lynxwiler (author, historian, tour guide supreme, and neon expert) to promote the fundraiser for the Museum of Neon Art (MONA) in Glendale.

Museums have been hit hard by COVID and most have been forced to close their doors to guests. MONA is now raising funds to build a “Sign Garden,” an iconic one-of-a-kind Los Angeles County landmark and outdoor exhibition space located in the former parking lot of the Museum. I love how creative people/organizations are finding ways to stay solvent and pivot in these turbulent times. Unlike a certain “museum” in Las Vegas that allows their vintage neon signs to rot and rarely restores them (while charging exorbitant fees for the public to see them), MONA actually sinks money into restoring and keeping these historical vintage gems available for people to marvel over, like this one from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre:

Want to help? Visit MONA’s gofundme page!

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Unknown said...

I think you might love me ALMOST as much as I love you Dave! Thanks for this. You're the best! xoxo, Shannon

Janey said...

Love the shout out for MONA! My heart goes out to them!