Saturday, December 21, 2019

Stagecoach Saturday

I haven't posted on a weekend for a long time, but for the sake alliteration, I’ll make an exception today. This 1950s shot shows the Stagecoach at Disneyland which went belly-up after only a few years.

If only the negative had been a bit sharper; I really dig this detailed shot of the cast member sitting on the wooden fence.

THIS negative from the same batch is much more satisfying!

It’s got signage…

retro fashion…

and is this where the past meets the present? That’s either a telephone pole in the background or a pylon for the Skyway.

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1 comment:

Matthew said...

I usually don't comment on the weekend... so we are both doing something out of the ordinary. Actually I'm up at work finishing grades before Christmas. Great photo... and I too love the Cast Member on the wood fence.

Regarding your question of telephone poles or Skyway pylons; I'm guessing that's a telephone pole. I believe the Rivers of America are too our left. BUT if you look at all your other photos the Stagecoach / Wagons they appear to be headed out both ways (left along the side of the Rivers of America and right toward the Mine Train). Huh??? Now I'm confused and wondering when did they change direction? Well let that be a lesson to me for commenting on a weekend. If it is Skyway pylon then the Rivers of America are directly behind the photographer.

Merry Christmas Dave in case I forget to tell ya!
Amazon Belle