Friday, December 20, 2019

The El Dorado Hotel at Rainbow Ridge

Need a place to stay in Rainbow Ridge? How about the El Dorado Hotel? It’s been around since the fifties, and still booming today! This recently acquired image shows how it looked in August 1976. Wait a minute...sheets aren’t included? What kind of place is this?

One of my earliest images of the El Dorado is from 1956:

When the Nature’s Wonderland attraction was revamped in 1960, everything was rebuilt, including the El Dorado, which you can see on the right side of this photo:

When Big Thunder Mountain replaced Nature’s Wonderland in 1979, the El Dorado was included in the rebuild once again. Here’s a shot from 2007. Either sheets are now included or they don’t tell you until you register.

And 2014:

And the most recent one in my collection from 2015:

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Anonymous said...

I think that staying here would be (for me at least) like Alice in Wonderland in the White Rabbit's house: One leg and arm out each of the four windows.

The "sheets extra" sign is pretty funny. I wonder if that was taken from "life', so to speak. Were cowpokes just off the trail expected to roll up in their blanket?

Thanks for the comprehensive survey, Dave.


Anonymous said...

One of the more now hidden, and unappreciated, gems of the Park remain the Rainbow Ridge facades. KS

Matthew said...

@JG and @KS - Couldn't agree more about your comments here regarding our beloved El Dorado Hotel. And Dave... yeah they wait 'til your pay'n before they tell ya about the sheets. It's the old, "You've come this far in the registration process and just gett'n here... why not just pay the extra half dollar fer the clean sheets" trick.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle