Monday, December 09, 2019

Town Square Medley

While digging through my Disneyland City Hall collection, I discovered a few Town Square gems I had not posted yet, starting with two from April 1970.

Nothing says Main Street fun like this shot of the Disneyland Band playing a concert in Town Square, circa February 1971:

Disneyland is known for its spring florals, such as the bright plantings in these two February 1971 images:

Our 1971 photographer was intent on capturing the progression of the Horse-Drawn Streetcar:

Looks like that newfangled Horseless Carriage is about to be overtaken by its Horse-Drawn counterpart!

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Matthew said...

Great photos today! Very interesting... April of 1970 (first photo) there are no fences around the grass area in Town square. February of 1971 (band photo) there are fences up. This always catches my attention due to the fact that I read in a book that Walt wanted no "keep off the grass" signs up at the Park. So, after his death they just fenced them in.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

Having my own Belgian horse, pictures of the Main Street trolley never get old. We owe much to these steeds for their assistance in the pre-mechanized world. In general they are friendly, gentle and their willingness to work...and pull...within reasonable constrains is something to experience to fully appreciate. KS

Daveland said...

As always, Matthew, thanks for catching those details and giving the extra info!

KS: they really do add to the authenticate flavor of Main Street. Now if only we could get the Pack Mules back!

Matthew said...

AMEN to the return of the Pack Mules!

Always your pal,