Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Temple Tuesday: Shirley Gets Schooled!

By 1942, Shirley Temple had blossomed into a very pretty teenager. Despite her maturity, she still had to be tutored while filming “Miss Annie Rooney” in order to meet the state educational requirements. How about those roses in the background? I wonder who the admirer was...or what the occasion could be?

In this second shot, Shirley’s veteran stand-in, Mary Lou Isleib, also appears to be hitting the books as well. Do you see Shirley’s coat flung over the chair on the right?

Here’s an onset publicity still from “Miss Annie Rooney” showing Shirley wearing that same coat:

This previously posted shot is of Shirley learning choreography from the legendary Nick Castle (avec cigarette!). Her costar, Dickie Moore, is at right (sans cigarette!). Even though he had a dance double later in the movie, he attempted a few steps in the scene where the two meet.

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