Friday, July 31, 2015

The Roosevelt New Orleans, Pt. 2

Back to the Roosevelt…no hotel post by Daveland would be complete without a hall shot. My room was gorgeous; spotless and perfectly appointed.

The perfect place to write a postcard home.

The furniture chosen was the perfect choice for this hotel.

A spacious bathroom, which is where I answered the call when the front desk called my room to make sure everything was ok. How's that for service?

Can't complain about the Salvatore Ferragamo products. Wow! I was living in luxury.

How about that rooftop pool? This area had some great views.

The Roosevelt also boasts a number of clubs and restaurants. Here's a shot of The Sazerac Bar, named after the infamous local cocktail.

Loved the murals by Paul Ninas; I don't know their origin but if they are new, somebody did a great job with the Depression-era styling and the smokey patina.

For the one night I had dinner while staying here I chose Domenica. It was an amazing meal.

The place was (not surprisingly) packed.

The Roosevelt is impressive from afar:

as well as up-close:

If you haven't booked your room yet, what are you waiting for?

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