Thursday, July 09, 2015

June 1959 Trip to California, Pt. 1

This may be hard for today's generation to comprehend, but at one time, plane travel was pretty sexy. This batch of June 1959 snapshots show a bit of the excitement that once accompanied a trip through the "friendly skies." People actually dressed up to board a plane.

And then there was the thrill of descending the steps of the plane like a movie star, waving to friends/family that were there to greet you at the gate. Yes…the gate. Note the friendly stewardess (sorry but the term "flight attendant" was not part of the vocabulary back then) helping the young child down the stairway.

The images from this set are not numbered, so I will attempt to recreate this group's trip. I know after a long flight I would want lunch, so let's follow the gang to Clifton's Brookdale Cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles.

It's been years since I dined at this quirky and kitschy little gem, but it is also my understanding that it has been closed for renovations. The grand re-opening date has been anxiously anticipated by many.

Be sure to return tomorrow for more of this June 1959 journey!

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Mark said...

Boy, I remember those days well! Used to love landing in Orange County airport and going down to stairs! My first trip to Hawaii was like that too. It brought a real sense of arrival to your flight. I still dress up a bit to fly. Thanks, Dave.

Irene said...

One of my best flights ever was back in 1967 with my Mother. We took Pam Am round trip for a Hawaiian tour. The best Teriyaki Steak I've ever had was on the flight over. Flying used to be fun and an adventure. Now I dread boarding a plane which fortunately I've not done now for some time.

Unknown said...

Ah, the Lockheed Constellation in TWA livery: one of the prettiest airplanes of all time.