Saturday, March 07, 2015


Today seems as good as any to celebrate the long-gone Submarine Voyage attraction at Disneyland. To give you a feeling of what it was like to enter the submarine itself, here's a shot from October 1962. Feeling confined yet?

The Monorail provided this overhead shot from the same batch showing the Subs:

Sure wish the photographer had a steadier hand; would love a better look at these posters on the wall:

Going back to year one we have this August 1959 image, also taken from the Skyway:

How about a closer look at the Skyway Bucket?

Let's bring this post on home with a few shots from August 1970:

Check out the PeopleMover visible in the background:

A rare shot from liquid space!

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Patrick Devlin said...

Hiya Dave,

Great shots all, but I think the second shot is from the monorail as it passes over the waterfall pool, since it's looking at the aft ends of the Subs.

And the posters are of a prop spinning all kind-of artsy like with the General Dynamics name in there somewhere.

Tanks again...

Patrick Devlin said...

As a matter of fact, the poster is this one:,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNHfywf_TNXPbzdfrIO0DT2bi1l4OA&ust=1425832745327678

K. Martinez said...

Patrick's comment is correct regarding the second shot.

I used to be fine about riding the subs at one time. I had no problem with the confined space. Then after not riding the subs for over a decade, I didn't care for it once it was rebooted as "Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage" For some reason I really did find myself feeling claustrophobic. Since that first ride on the reboot, I haven't rode it again.

Extra wonderful images of one of my favorite areas of the Park. Thanks, Dave.

K. Martinez said...

Here's the reverse shot of the second photo where you can see the monorail track over the Submarine falls pool that Patrick mentioned. That is from where the photo was taken.

Hope that helps.