Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Haunted Savannah, Pt. 1

Savannah, Georgia is often referred to as America's Most Haunted City. Literally built on its dead, many of its homes and buildings sit atop Native American burial grounds. The roads cover forgotten cemeteries of slaves and colonialists. The restless spirits that haunt Savannah are the result of bloody battles, fires, yellow-fever epidemics, and hurricanes. The Kehoe House is one of the more famous "haunted" hotels where visitors can sleep (or not sleep) at night. On my last visit, unbeknownst to me, I stayed in one of the two rooms that has become notorious for supposedly being haunted.

Room 203 is known as the Juliette Low room (named after the Girl Scout founder). I can't vouch for whether spirits haunt this room, but I can tell you that the owners seem to be confused about the spelling of Low's name.

Built in 1892 for William Kehoe, this Queen Anne style mansion has this story oft told about it: twins born into the family supposedly died while playing in a chimney in one of the rooms. The fireplaces have all been blocked up (I can vouch for that!) and decorated with angels. Many of the hauntings have been attributed to these children. Guests staying on this floor have complained to the front desk staff about the loud children, not realizing that children are actually discouraged from staying at the inn.

One reported occurrence of a haunted room 203 tells of a guest awakening with a feeling that someone was sitting next to her. When she opened her eyes, she saw that her sister was sound asleep on the other side of the room, but there was an impression of someone unseen sitting right next to her on the bed. Queue the spooky music!

I shot this photo at about 3 am without using a flash. I think it's appropriately spooky enough for this post. Again, I can't say if this place is haunted, but I didn't sleep very peacefully. The alarm clock going off two nights in a row at midnight didn't help. The problem was solved on night two but unplugging the durn thing.

Maybe this is what kept the spirits out of my room. Next time I should take it off the door; might make for a more exciting post.

Walking home from dinner one night, I was startled when I looked up at another nearby Inn to see this. It creeped me out, causing me to stand and stare to see why this little girl in Colonial garb was staring at me.

The next day, I got my answer.

This stuffed dummy sure made a dummy out of me.

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K. Martinez said...

That was cool. I was scrolling down the photos one-by-one and then saw the dummy reveal. It worked. I was fooled too! Love the lighting in first image. Thanks, Dave.

Fifthrider said...

I have a friend in Savannah. I'll send him a trap and some spare equipment. The next time you do this, let me know. I'll have him drive it over to leave with you. Better safe than sorry.

Connie Moreno said...

That was awesome!!!!