Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fred's 57th Anniversary

Today's post honors the 57th anniversary of The Fred Gurley locomotive, whose namesake was President of the Santa Fe Railway from 1944–1957. Along with Walt, the two were responsible for the initial sponsorship of the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad in 1955. In this September 1958 photo, the 2-4-4T Forney locomotive built in 1895 at Baldwin Locomotive Works is shown pulling into the station.

Another early shot, this one is from August 1958:

How about a balloon to celebrate today?

Flash forward to 2015, although it has a somewhat different paint job, it's still taking guests around the Park on a Grand Circle Tour.

A few from 2013; probably my favorite shots of The Gurley.

Happy Birthday Fred—long may you live!

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Unknown said...

Lovely shots of the Gurley, there, Dave. She's not my favorite engine (that'd be the Ripley) but I sure love the paint scheme.

K. Martinez said...

Beautiful photos of the Fred Gurley. To me, the Disneyland Railroad and its locomotives are the soul of Disneyland. May it be steam forever. Thanks, Dave.