Monday, March 30, 2015

1970s Skyway Journey

Soar with me over Disneyland via this series of 1970s images taken from the Skyway. Beginning in Tomorrowland, our square-shaped bucket sails towards the Matterhorn, which at one time had two holes to accommodate the Skyway.

We are now within the Matterhorn; oh if we could only get out and take photos!

Zooming in for a look at Skull Rock Cove, which appears to have the falls turned off.

Sunshine on the other side as we approach the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant.

This closeup reveals that yes, there is construction work occurring in this area.

So glad this 1970s photographer took all of these consecutive shots.

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K. Martinez said...

Dave - Is it possible these photos might be from 1969?

If you look closely, you'll notice that the "Chicken of the Sea Restaurant" is no longer, but is now "Captain Hook's Galley". Chicken of the Sea dropped its sponsorship of the restaurant in 1969. The name "Captain Hook" is in several places and the Chicken of the Sea mermaid has been removed.

Perhaps this is a photo of the transformation of the Pirate Ship Restaurant from "Chicken of the Sea" to "Captain Hook's Galley" which would put it around 1969. But then again, it might just be a regular rehab. What do you think?

Daveland said...

You could be right, Ken - the slides were undated. The seller was the one who said they were from the 70s.

K. Martinez said...

Now if there were photos from this series showing the Tomorrowland side with the Monorail station and other areas with clues, I could've known for sure.

Unknown said...

What is it we're seeing on the zoomed-in pic of Skull Rock? Was there a tunnel behind the waterfall to Storybookland? Is that Casey Jr on the left? What's in place of this 'tunnel' now?