Thursday, March 05, 2015

Griffith Observatory

Inspired by a post from one of my favorite sites, Curbed Los Angeles, today's images feature Griffith Observatory. Next to the Hollywood sign, it is definitely one of the most iconic structures in our city of smog. First one out of the gate is vintage shot from the 1950's.

Having recently discovered a new hiking trail in Griffith Park (new to me at least), I took this shot as I approached the back of the Observatory.

A closeup of the iconic 1935 building:

This view was taken from Barnsdall Park, located off Hollywood Boulevard:

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Patrick Devlin said...

Hiya Dave,

Very nice shots of the Griffith Observatory, there. Of course, it's all a facade left over from the filming of Rebel Without a Cause. There is nothing inside but a small collection of Sal Mineo memorabilia. I read that. I wrote it down and then I read it.

Seriously, though, I regret that I have never visited. It's such great architecture, a sort of late Art Deco. My aunt and uncle lived in Los Feliz about a mile and a half away but we never made the trip over. Ah, well.

K. Martinez said...

What a gorgeous photo of the Griffith Observatory from Barnsdall Park. Thanks, Dave.

Matt Gerhard said...

You're making me miss Southern California! :-)