Friday, March 07, 2014

Gunfight at the Frontierland Corral, 1956

In this 1956 shot, the nefarious Black Bart is causing trouble again over in Frontierland. The young boy seems to have been startled by the villain (don't you love the cuffs on his jeans?).

Zooming in, we can see the Rainbow Caverns Mine Train, with its warning of dangerous explosives posted above the tunnel.

In this closeup, Mineral Hall is hidden by the trees, but its next door neighbor, the Essay Office, is in clear view. This area is now the Rancho del Zocalo Restaurant. Bart is blurry in the photo, but it almost appears that he has a cig in his other hand.

The impromptu nature of this shot makes it seem so alive. I love it!

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Fifthrider said...

I recall a recent and somewhat popular CM who portrayed Jack Sparrow lament that he grew real facial hair and yet DL had him shave it off and replace it with a fake mustache and beard. Looking at these pics of Black Bart, I'm wondering if that's real or not. If so, I'd be curious when that policy changed and why. Either way, I regret never being there to see the sheriff or Bart. Great pic!

Major Pepperidge said...

Great color and action in that one… it's a rare treat to see Black Bart.

K. Martinez said...

The Mine Train ride operators had one of the coolest wardrobes at Disneyland with that red shirt and hat.

Nice touch with the Sleeping Beauty Castle turret peaking above and behind the Assay Office. Nice zooms.