Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday On The Strip

Welcome to the Las Vegas of long ago. Today, travel back in time with Daveland to see how The Strip looked back in September 1959. First up is a vintage view of the Stardust Hotel, accompanied by an October 1958 pool photo:

Slightly different from the pools one encounters in Las Vegas today. Compare with this shot of Caesar's Palace, where apparently there is success in excess:

Slipping back to September 1959, singer/actor Tony Martin is appearing at Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn. Not sure if The Dancing Waters poolside show is related to the one that ended up at the Disneyland Hotel, but there's a good chance that it is. According to what I found on Classic Las Vegas, "Dancing Waters" was a series of rising and falling fountains in the figure-8 shaped pool that were set to pre-recorded music and lit by colored lights."

This street shot looked boring until I zoomed in.

You can see the billboard for The Dunes Hotel with Roberta Sherwood and Frankie Vaughan:

The Dunes itself:

Love that Sultan statue atop the hotel; wonder where it is now?

Last one for today shows The Sahara Hotel, with Dan Dailey and Mitzi Green on the marquee:

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