Saturday, March 15, 2014

Exploring The Headquarters

For most races, the day before the event is when you pick up your racing bib and other materials that you'll need for the big day. Of course it would be easier if they mailed this stuff to you, but then the vendors at the Expo wouldn't have an opportunity to sell sell sell their wares to you. It was also a chance for me to go to an area I rarely explore, as The Seaport District is fairly touristy and difficult to find parking; therefore, I tend to avoid it like the plague! Parking near the USS Midway, I had to get a shot of the imposing aircraft carrier, which is now a museum.

The San Diego Half Marathon Expo was held at The Broadway Pier, which functions as a Cruise Ship Terminal and an event space.

The design of the building is very sleek, and I can see how it would be a very cool venue for a special event or party. The expo itself was well organized, albeit a bit lackluster.

While at The Seaport District, I figured I might as well check out the surroundings. Why waste a good parking space, right? I encountered this little dragon sculpture along the way to The Headquarters, which was my ultimate destination.

The Headquarters was once the San Diego Police Station. It was recently converted into an outdoor retail complex, showing what a bit of creative thinking can do when it comes to adaptive reuse of old buildings.

I would have preferred the tenants to have more of a local flavor and be less national chain-oriented, but considering how touristy the area is, perhaps it was a better choice to go in that direction.

The building looks brand-new after the remodel...

but still bears some of the architectural details that let visitors know it might actually have a history.

Not sure if it was intentional, but this window looks like a huge gaping mouth, aka "The O Face."

The coolest part of The Headquarters is that they preserved this area of cells.

And yes, you can go inside some for photo ops and selfies!

Your basic jail cell.

Marilyn Monroe brightened each day of this particular prisoner.

Puesto, a Mexican bar & eatery, is one of the restaurants that guests can find at The Headquarters. There is one other Puesto location up north in La Jolla.

Seasons 52 offers a more upscale dining experience, with both indoor and outdoor seating. And yes, it's a chain.

I might come back to The Headquarters; it's fun, has a great location, and just a tad bit kitschy. Still, for guests that come to town, my first choice would be to take them to one of the less touristy neighborhoods so that they can experience a San Diego that is a bit more unique.

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Nthsh01 said...

FYI, and in the interest of accuracy, the word is "flair," not "flare." Those mean two entirely different things.

Dave DeCaro said...

FYI, and in the interest of my original intent, I meant to say, "flavor," but autocorrect got the best of my early morning typing. Thanks for so eloquently pointing it out to me.