Thursday, March 20, 2014

1950's Disneyland Miscellaneous Gems

The train is at the Disneyland Main Street Train Station, waiting to take us on a journey of 1950's miscellany. Zooming in for a nice juicy close-up of the Kalamazoo Handcar:

Over at the Frontierland Depot, we have a glimpse of the backend of the Excursion Car as it pulls away from the station:

An Indian War Canoe circles Tom Sawyer Island:

Somebody call Child Welfare - that poor little girl in the back seems to be doing all the work!

As the Mark Twain leaves the dock, guests can see a little action going on over at the Fishing Pier:

I wonder how many people actually took the fish home and cooked them?

Today's post ends in a blaze of glory as The Mark Twain approaches the infamous Burning Cabin:

You knew it was coming, folks; a closeup of the poor dead geezer out front:

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K. Martinez said...

I love the Excursion Car in the Frontierland Station image. Beautiful colors.

In the Indian War Canoe, the mom and dad probably informed the little girl it was time for her to earn her trip to Disneyland.

I read somewhere that management discontinued the fishing pier because dead abandoned fish were showing up in various places around the park. Who knows.

I would've loved to have been able to walk around in the burning cabin scene.

Connie Moreno said...

Man oh man, those are awesome pics!