Saturday, January 12, 2013

Zooming In For Details

Most readers probably have figured out that I thoroughly enjoy "zooming in" and checking out all of the details in the images that I collect. Today's post is a mixed grab devoted to that little passion of mine. First up out of the gate we have an August 1966 shot of Fowler's Harbor. The ability to check out details depends on a few things; the quality of the camera that was used to take the photo, the quality of the film (did it fade?), and most importantly, how steady were the person's hands who took the picture? I'd say this photographer did pretty well. On the first zoom, we get a good overall look of this area.

With just one more zoom, we see a sign on the left for Mauri's Lobster Dinners. What a cool idea that would be; can you imagine having a little bistro/restaurant in this location that served fresh seafood? The most amazing detail of this area is how it was actually built to lean, making it look as if it had been in this location for a hundred years or more. Or that the contractor was drunk. Take your pick.

Moving over to Fantasyland, we have an undated shot of Storybook Land. I would guess that it is from 1956, as the gigantic Storybook, which helped introduce guests to the attraction, is still on display.

Notice all the people crowded around the map, looking at all the wonders that could be seen on this attraction. In the background, it would appear that there might be an issue with the boat at the dock, as a security man and possibly a repairman seem to be on location.

A black and white shot of the art for this piece:

This little lighthouse/ticket booth can still be seen in the area:

A few contemporary shots of The Lighthouse:

Another Storybook Land image, circa 1960s, showing a cast member finishing up the tour and heading back towards the dock.

Zooming in, we have a textbook example of a hair DON'T, as well as an example of what contributed to global warming. WAAAAAAAY too much VO5!

I was tempted by this September 1965 Plaza Pavilion shot, hoping to zoom in for a look at the menu signage in front.

Alas, not enough clarity in the sign for that to happen; the photographer was standing too far back.

Being patient has its merits though, as this recently acquired photo from August 1966 pretty much accomplishes the trick.

Menu board one:

And menu board two:

I hope you enjoyed today's detailed look at vintage Disneyland!

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Major Pepperidge said...

These are great, I love the details! Especially the bouffant.

K. Martinez said...

I love old images of menu boards showing what Disneyland served at its restaurants back those days. Nice zoom-ins!

JG said...

I remember eating spaghetti at the Plaza Pavilion. The stuffed pepper entree sounds familiar too, but the young me would never have eaten it.

I wonder if my parents ordered it?

So much fun, Dave. Thank you.