Monday, January 07, 2013

No Manscaping For Him

Known as "The Hairy Legged Pirate," this gent is precariously perched on a bridge that guests float under during their Pirates of the Caribbean journey in Disneyland's New Orleans Square. The accompanying publicity blurb from 1967 reads as follows:

RUM MAKES A PIRATE SAUCE — This merry buccaneer has been nipping at his jug of rum in Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland near Anaheim, California. The pirate gives a winking salute to visitors as they pass by on their journey through the Spanish Main.

Here's an early color publicity shot:

Pulling back a bit, you can see the entire scene, with the drunk pirate below, wallowing in the mud with a few cheerful Marc Davis pigs.

The first time I got a decent shot of him was in 2006:

Have you ever seen a happier drunk? That's some damned good rum.

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K. Martinez said...

When I used to visit with my uncle and cousins who lived near Disneyland back in the 60s-70s, he'd always point out the hairy leg on "The Hairy Legged Pirate" to me. He was obviously very impressed by it.

Anonymous said...

I remember feeling like I had "gotten away with something" when, as the boat passed under the figure, you could see the mechanical joint of his knee working as he kicked his leg.

A view of forbidden "behind the scenes". I really wanted to work as an Imagineer.


Shiver Me Timbers said...

Unlike the other boys who liked the redhead in the auction scene, I remember always being strangely aroused by that hairy leg as the boat sailed beneath...

Katella Gate said...

I remember being 10 years old and getting into an argument.. yes an argument... with some of the neighbor kids who thought the pirates were real humans because of the hair on their legs.

Erin said...

HA! I can't believe my google search for "hairy pirate leg disney world" found real results! Thanks for capturing one of my strangely vivid childhood memories. lol