Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Trip Report, Pt. 2

Back to the trip report. Sorry - had to use the restroom at Adventureland (the OJ at Riverbelle works fast). And no, I didn’t go into both...just photographed the graphic outside. I’m an equal opportunity restroom photographer!

They should put one of these guys above the stalls; that would probably move the guests through at a much faster rate.

Heading back to New Orleans Square, a ride through Pirates was (of course) mandatory. It must be early; only two strollers in sight. Later in the day, it is amazing, as this area becomes a haven for the little contraptions.

A few of the usual shots:

And then it was onto the Mansion for some explosive fun.

With some time to kill before lunch, what better attraction to enjoy than the Disneyland Railroad? Ton-o-things to see along the way:

Let’s zoom in and see what’s on the wall here:

After the Grand Circle Tour, we were back in New Orleans Square, where the area looked very festive with its Mardi Gras trappings.

For lunch, Stacy and I met up with a fellow blogger, Connie from Life Is A Journey. From reading her blog, I just had a feeling that she’d be fun to hang out with...and I was right. How fun was she? So fun that I forgot to photograph my Monte Cristo. Didn’t get a single shot of the overhead lanterns. So fun that I think one of these days she’ll join Tim and I on our renegade journey to the Fantasyland Skyway Station.

The view from our waterside table was the best. The food is good at the Bayou, but it’s the atmosphere that really makes it a special experience.

Dessert was much tastier than this photo would make you think. Apple Fritters with Ice Cream and Cherry Sauce.

An after lunch shot with Connie, attempting to smile for the camera and fight our Monte Cristo induced food comas.

Not quite ready for an attraction, we exited The Bayou and heard the siren’s song of Princess Tiana and her Mardi Gras Celebration.

The show is lively, filled with catchy tunes from “The Princess and The Frog.”

Still more to come!

As a tribute to the recently departed Jane Russell, here’s a clip from one of the wackiest musical numbers ever filmed:

See more Disneyland photos at my main website.


Thufer said...

As I have told your fellow blogger and lunch companion; how lucky for you you guys who live close to the park. Looks like everyone had a good time in the 'Kingdom'.

I love that flier (poster?) of the Union Pacific. Those sorts of things add so much to the overall experience.

Connie Moreno said...

OMG, where do I begin!!! I bow at your feet, Master. You see things through your lens that I have totally missed!! I am in awe!!

Today's pictures are GORGEOUS and so full of detail! Oh and I agree with your comment about putting something scary looking in the restrooms...lord knows they need something like that in the ladies restroom!

Love the closeup shot of the train engine.

Zooming in on those posters was a fantastic idea.

New Orleans Square - OMG and you know what I'm talking about! I can hardly wait for part 3.

Daveland said...

And now I have a voice to go along with the OMG! Thufer - you are correct. We are very fortunate to be so close to DL. The details really do make the difference.

Major Pepperidge said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

JG said...

Dave and Connie: Looks like so much fun. Lucky you to have such a good day together.

That Union Pacific Omaha Poster is a replica of a real poster of that era. I had a duplicate of it on my wall in college. I remember seeing at Disneyland, it was funny to see them using a real replica available in stores at that time as a theming aid. Usually, Disney came up with all their own stuff from scratch.

Dave, a wonderful series of posts, I am putting all my comments here, but you are really getting me psyched up for our trip planned in the fall.