Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mardi Gras at Disneyland

In honor of Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), the huge annual celebration in New Orleans, today’s post will pay tribute to its West Coast sister, Disneyland’s New Orleans Square. Created because Walt Disney loved the real city so much, New Orleans Square is just about my favorite spot in the entire park. So many nooks and crannies; other than a lack of human excrement (no complaints here on that one, folks!), this place really does capture the architectural style of its inspiration.

In fact, Disneyland looks so much like New Orleans that in 2006, Mayoral Candidate Kimberly Williamson Butler used New Orleans SQUARE for the background of the campaign banner she used to promote her candidacy. Needless to say, this stirred up a bit of controversy for her and offended many in the post Katrina-scarred city. You can even see the signature trashcan in the original banner. After attention was called to the faux photo, the trashcan was photoshopped out, but it was too little too late. The damage was already done.

Onto happier things...this area has always been full of music, art, and fun:

And let’s not forget the food. Club 33, The Blue Bayou, The French Market, Cafe Orleans, and more!

Liz at Club 33:

The Bayou:

The music of The Delta Ramblers at The French Market:

Patio Dining at Cafe Orleans:

Today, this area is still lively and full-o-fun! The big Mardi Gras celebration is going on right now, lead by Princess Tiana & Crew:

So have a Mint Julep in honor of Mardi Gras today; and be sure to add an extra maraschino cherry for me!

More clips today in honor of the upcoming March 29th release of “Tangled” on Blu-ray:

Fun Fact 1:

Fun Fact 2:

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Major Pepperidge said...

I'll be Ms. Butler hired some dope to do her website, and never even knew that she was Photoshopped into a picture of New Orleans Square! Still, it's a pretty dumb thing, right after Katrina as you said.

Connie Moreno said...

Cool comparisons!

JG said...

Thank you Dave, also one of my favorite parts of Disneyland. Thanks for the Delta Ramblers pic. Taken from the angle of our favorite table, right in the middle of my favorite era.