Friday, March 04, 2011

Trip Report, Pt. 4: The Finale!

After Connie departed, Stacy and I went back over to Indiana Jones to use our fast pass. Alas, the ride closed for repairs before we got to ride it. Still had a chance to snap a few photos, so the wait wasn’t a total loss!

I believe this began its life as an ATT sponsored message:

As the park got crazier with crowds, it was time to head to Disney California Adventure, but not before a stop at The Candy Palace to get some treats for the office. Yummmmmm...caramel apples! Check out the adorable little girl peering into the window, wearing her Minnie Mouse ears.

Our first attraction at DCA was The Tower. I think I like the hotel theming as much as the attraction itself, if not more.

Zooming in for the Do Not Disturb sign...for at least 70 years!

Lots of progression over at Cars Land, especially in the cool detailing of the perimeter rockwork:

Alerted by a text from Connie (a true Disneyland fan is always in the know!), I saw that the King Triton statue previously at Disneyland...

was now on top of the upcoming Little Mermaid attraction at DCA:

Excellent recycling! I wonder if he’ll be squirting water at guests below? Here are some more shots on the progress of the exterior of the attraction:

We had dinner at Paradise Pier...

or more specifically at Ariel’s Grotto, mainly to get the tickets for the viewing area of World of Color. This was only my second time to see it.

Although the food and service were good, there’s something about this restaurant that has just never really resonated with me. Most likely it’s the somewhat 80’s/90’s style decor which has more of an off-the-rack type look than something richly themed that I would expect from Disney. I guess overall it has the appearance of a restaurant that was tacked together quickly (and cheaply), lacking any kind of emotional connection to the guest.

The desserts looked great, but they were a little on the bland side as far as flavors go.

Moving on to the main attraction, World of Color! As I’ve said before, this spectacular show must be seen in person; photos do not begin to do it justice.

By the time the show was drawing to a close, the rain was coming down at a fairly good pace, thus telling us it was time to head home. Overall, another magical day at Disneyland/DCA!

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Connie Moreno said...

Excellent photos, Dave!!!

Major Pepperidge said...

I know AT&T sponsored "Indy", and maybe FedEx? The painted line about rewards makes me think of Visa, but I have no idea if they ever sponsored the ride.

Daveland said...

David - The "rewards" line was a promotion for AT&T. Visa was not involved at all in that one.

TokyoMagic! said...

I believe the "choosing" part of that sign refers to choosing a long distance carrier which was something that was still fairly new at the time, since we used to just be stuck with whichever company serviced our area.

G said...

I always enjoy visiting your blog. :)

Daveland said...

Thanks Mike - I truly appreciate my faithful readers who comment!