Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Mod: July 29, 1973, Pt. 3

We’re not through with Tomorrowland just yet! Here’s a thumbs up (again) for the Astro Orbiter/Jets/Rockets/Thingamajig on top of the PeopleMover track area. So much cooler to be higher flying above the park. As opposed to being high...which still occurred in the 70s I’m sure!

Even the Autopia cars have taken on the stylings of the 1970’s:

All aboard The Friendship Train:

I’m beginning to breakout in a rash from all the synthetic threads seen here!

We’ll be sailing out of Tomorrowland today with this photo of the Subs:

On another note...Daveland reader Susan sent me these photos of a recent find that had been hidden in a closet for years. The age and story of this empty Toffee Box is a mystery to her; any of you Disneyana Geeks out there able to give her some background info on it?

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Thufer said...

Astro Orbiter/Jets/Rockets/Thingamajig .... the best ride placement in park history and a 'Gray'; what a good day!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

The Friendship Train looks groooovy! Tomorrowland in 1973 is pure heaven - thanks Dave!

Major Pepperidge said...

Love those Tomorrowland pix... all aboard the Friendship Train!

I can't say for certain, but the toffee box looks like a more recent package decorated with a retro design. There was a period in the 70's when lots of items were created reusing vintage artwork. That would still make this over 30 years old... again, just a guess.

Connie Moreno said...

WOW! That first photo took my breath away!!!!!!

I must confess...I saved my favorite pair of sparkly platform shoes that I bought in 1973!

stu29573 said...

Yep, those are the subs I so fondly remember!

SuzyA said...

Thank you Major for your input on my cardboard Mickey Mouse Toffee Box, much appreciated...and thank you very much Dave for posting the photos.

Major...Gorillas Don't Blog :-)! I just made the connection to your blog and your Santa's Village photos. I had posted a blk and white photo of myself and my brother by the Lollipop Tree 1959 on Santa's Village site which connected me to your blog :-).