Friday, March 11, 2011

Gems from May 1958, Pt. 4

Welcome to Adventureland! For some reason, our photographer took a photo of the BACK of the Adventureland sign. That’s okay; he’s not the only one who does weird stuff like that.

Compare with this shot taken by yours truly:

Moving deeper into Adventureland, our intrepid photographer took a trip on the Jungle Cruise.

Although the set pieces have changed, the idea remains the same: a hut and a little sailing vessel:

Once again, bucking convention, our May 1958 photographer shoots the FRONT side of the back side of water. This guy is a true rebel. Step aside, James Dean.

For a moment, he slips into the herd-mentality by shooting one of the hippos.

Even I have buckled under the pressure and shot the hippos. Figuratively speaking, not literally.

Is this a flash mob? No, just some natives dancing eternally in a circle.

They’re still dancing today:

Time to end this post and depart from our fabulous cruise aboard the Yangtze Lotus:

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Thufer said...

Call me silly, but I just love these pictures of Adventureland and the JC. As a child and first time visit to the park, it more than any other land are the most vivid memories. (Matterhorn aside as most vivid attraction itself) The entire experience of the site, sounds, smells and feel of Adventureland are just as over powering this morning as they were way, way, way ahhh way back then.

Connie Moreno said...

LOL, your commentary today literally made me crack up1

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Awesome post, great comparisons! I like how even though the set pieces have changed the theme is very consistent over the years.

Snow White Archive said...

Very humorous observations. Amazing how some things in the park haven't really changed that much over the years. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Note that transmission tiller on the Yangtze Lotus.
Former skipper here....

Daveland said...

Transmission Tiller—I knew there was something I forgot to write about in this post! Welcome aboard, former skipper!