Monday, February 28, 2011

The George Thompson Collection

Daveland reader Jordan has graciously allowed me to post these photos taken on a family visit to Disneyland in approximately 1969. These first two photos are very cool; the anticipation of riding in the Monorail and seeing the entrance must have been such a thrill for early park visitors! Riding the transportation of the future and seeing the Railroad of the past...what a fun juxtaposition! Here’s what Jordan has for background info on his family and this particular trip:

When I was young, my dad worked for the foreign service (American Embassy) and I grew up living overseas. We came home one year (we had family in New Jersey) my dad bought a 1968 (so perhaps the year on these pics is closer to that) Dodge Charger and we went on a road trip across the US, to edumacate me and put my parents back into the reality of life in the US. As I recall it was a few weeks - a month long and we drove a big loop around the country.

In this photo, you can see Jordan’s mom, Dolly, in the green dress standing on the bridge at small world.

These two point-of-view shots from the Matterhorn are probably my faves; they really capture the excitement of this attraction!

Jordan believes that his father, George, shot the photos posted here today. Thanks so much to Jordan for sharing these amazing photos!

Meanwhile, in Bluray news, Bambi will be released tomorrow. The new transfer will blow your mind; this painterly masterpiece has never looked better, and there are a ton-o-cool features to enjoy (especially the recreation of the storyboard meetings). Click here to access a $10 off coupon for the purchase of Bambi.

That’s Why They Call Me Thumper:

Bambi Meets Faline:

Bambi on Ice:

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Thufer said...

Those are really nice photos. I agree, the moment of splash on the Matterhorn is exceptional; however, thanks for the 'parking lot' fix. Always a pleasure to see and needed on a Monday morning.

Connie Moreno said...

How cool to see the Park through a reader's eyes!