Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Grand Canyon Diorama

Aren’t these little kiddies adorable? Could you possibly find two more perfectly coiffed kids? They are posing inside the Grand Canyon Diorama, which was not yet open when this photo was shot. From the accompanying publicity blurb:

Disneyland’s new Grand Canyon Diorama, which opens March 31, will give viewers the sensation of actually looking down into the famed Grand Canyon of Arizona. The Disneyland Grand Canyon is the longest painting in the world, stretching 306-feet. In the foreground are animals, trees and rock formations typical of the high rims around the Grand Canyon. Although these children are playing in the “snow,” Disneyland visitors will actually view the Grand Canyon from the Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad trains which travel around Disneyland.

Today, the Grand Canyon Diorama and its taxidermied treasures are still a highlight for me whenever I visit the park.

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Connie Moreno said...

Holy smokes, I wonder if those kids (now adults) realize how LUCKY they were???

Major Pepperidge said...

I've always loved the Diorama. I wonder if the painting that we see today has been changed/restored over the years, or if it is essentially the same exact mural?

HBG2 said...

Gee, those kids almost look like they're alive, don't they?

Someone could argue that the Diorama looks even better in photos than live, because the two-dimensionality issue vanishes. Don't know if I'd fully agree, but you could make a case.

A Snow White Sanctum said...

It's a highlight for me too. I'm a sucker for a good diorama.

Such places as the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, the Field Museum in Chicago, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and many others all have, to me, a very Disney-esque feel to them when I visit.

A good diorama can transport one's imagination to some pretty amazing destinations.