Saturday, February 05, 2011

Screen Gem Saturdays: Chemistry of a Quartet—Sex and the City

It was a show of perfection: perfect casting, perfect writing, and the perfect setting. “Sex and the City” revealed much more than just the flesh of its main characters; it also revealed many relationship secrets and neuroses that many of us go through when it comes to dating. Always spot-on, it tackled topics that had previously been taboo, and in a way that made you both laugh and say, “Hey, that’s really true!”

As for the cast, I was not particularly fond of SJP or Kim Cattrall in what I’d seen them in before; neither really made my head spin with their career choices or acting chops. Cynthia Nixon had passed by in many a supporting role, but never really stuck in my brain. Kristin Davis...I flat out thought she sucked. Her lack of acting talent in “Melrose Place” made some of the other female cast members seem like Meryl Streep. But in SATC, the mix of the 4 leads worked. It not only worked, it thrived, and each one showed you the believable growth of the characters through the entire show…EVEN Kristin Davis!

Although Carrie’s self-absorbed whining neurotics did get a little annoying at times, her character truly was the heart of the show. She was the best friend to each of the remaining three; the one they always confided their deepest secrets to, but not neccesarily to the others. Samantha and Carrie. Carrie and Miranda. Carrie and Charlotte. Very few times would you see Miranda & Samantha; or Charlotte and Miranda. Thus, I guess I really shouldn’t blame SJP for plastering herself solo over so much of the publicity art for the show and the movie...yet, I still do.

Back in 2003, I had the good fortune to wangle my way into the sneak preview showing of Season 5 episodes 1 & 2, “To Market, To Market” and “Great Sexpectations.” Shown at the Contemporary Museum of Art’s Auditorium in La Jolla, it was the closest I’d get to seeing the girls on a big screen until their official movie debut in 2008.

Of course, SJP was heavily airbrushed and featured solo on the season’s publicity poster:

Willie Garson, who played Stanford Blatch on the show, was on hand to introduce the episodes and then mingle afterwards.

He was way cool to talk to and to his acting credit, is actually straight, which few who watch the show would be able to guess.

When I heard about the making of the first movie, I was very disappointed. I didn’t feel that there was much left to say, and that the ending to the HBO TV Series was (no surprise) pure perfection. However, I actually enjoyed the movie and thought it was fairly well done. Not quite as smart as the TV show, but somewhat close. When I heard the second movie was in production, I felt the same reaction. What is left to cover with these girls? Unfortunately, this movie dumbed the smart writing down way more than the first film version did. A lot of whining and a lot of silly. Very disappointing, and an unfortunate end to a well-written series.

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Hotel In Suvarnabhumi Airport said...

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TokyoMagic! said...

What? Didn't you see SJP in "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"????

I loved the entire series, and I liked most of the first movie, but I hated the ending. I did NOT think Carrie should have ended up marrying Mr. Big. It just didn't seem believable. I haven't seen the second movie yet Dave, but I've heard so many horrible things about it. I wonder if I should just skip it altogether?

Davelandweb said...

Chris - I'd say skip it. There were very few redeeming moments. Most of it was pretty silly—and a lot of Carrie whining.

TokyoMagic! said...

Thanks for the advice, Dave. I was waiting for it to come on cable (which I think it is now) but I think I will skip it and just remember the girls the way they "were."