Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Alice's Teacup Tuesday

In conjunction with today’s release of Disney’s 1951 "Alice in Wonderland" on Blu-ray (you won’t believe the transfer on this one; it is out of this world), I am celebrating with an All-Alice post today.

Although often dismissed in the critical and popular shuffle of Disney classics, "Alice" is the only animated film to have two attractions at Disneyland. Here is one of my fave shots of the Alice Dark Ride, circa 1950’s:

A batch of present day interior views:

A view of the Teacup attraction on July 18, 1955:

A shot of the attraction in its present location; a virtual maze of psychedelic color:

A few images from the 1951 animated film:

Download a coloring book to keep yourself busy today!

Phew...I am tired. That’s a lot of Alice! Hope you enjoyed—I’m going to go have some tea and un-birthday cake.

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Major Pepperidge said...

I have a soft spot for "Alice in Wonderland". First of all, it just looks incredible, with the colors and designs from when the Disney artists were at the very top of their game. And even though the story isn't very emotionally involving, it still has a lot of fun individual scenes.

Katella Gate said...

Ditto Major. I read a lot of Victorian literature, but always found Carrol's "Alice" books uninteresting, and I think the movie's problem stems from the source material: the concept is more interesting than the execution.

Lucky for the world, Walt spotted the exact same problems with Kipling's "Jungle Book" and simply took the concept of the wolf-boy's return to civilization and built up his own story.

That being said. Alice is beautiful to look at and the characters are all memorable. The use of color in the mid-late 50s is inspired. Alice and Peter Pan are just gorgeous, with Lady and the Tramp being the high point in color styling, and Sleeping Beauty the high point in design.

TokyoMagic! said...

Alice is among my favorites of the animated "classics" and was always my absolute favorite DL dark ride....at least before the 1983 redo....and definitely before the 2010 "bringing it up to code" quick-fix. I just rode it on Sunday for the first time since the railings and platforms were added. Atrocious!

Becky said...

Love the post! Alice is so timeless and fabulous. Definitely one of my all time favorite Disney films and two of my favorite Disneyland rides!

JG said...

Alice is and has been a personal favorite, both the ride, the book and the movie.

It helps to see the book as a series of mathematical and logical puzzles, not so much of a story.

The ride is just a great experience and threeD projection of a great work of art in it's own right, the movie.

The movie, well, lets just say that I have always suspected the screen writers and animators of getting into psychedelics about a decade early...I love it all.

Great post, Dave.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great post, love the 7/18/55 photo! Just watched the 2010 Alice, now I gotta see the real deal again to wash it away!