Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Fred Gurley Excursion Train

From the publicity blurb dated April 6, 1958:

This new “Fred Gurley Excursion Train” will carry Disneyland visitors on a trip around the Anaheim, California wonderland and into the breathtaking new Grand Canyon Diorama. Two other trains of the Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad will also transport passengers through the 306-foot long, three-dimensional panorama of the Grand Canyon, which opens March 31.

Here’s The Fred Gurley speeding into the Main Street Train Station, August 1958:

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Katella Gate said...

The Gurley was one of the hand-crafted opening day locomotives that Disney had built for Disneyland, right? It's beautiful, but I recall that Walt felt it was cost-prohibitive to do again, so when the Rail Road needed to expand, he went shopping for used locomotives.