Friday, July 23, 2010

1950’s BW Nature’s Wonderland Images

I love Technicolor, but for images that evoke the old Frontierland of the 1950’s, nothing packs a punch like black and white! The Rainbow Mountain Railroad is ready for another journey through Nature’s Wonderland:

These little guests are excited to ride on a real mule around Frontierland; to the left, you can see one of the Conestoga Wagons:

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Michael Rivers said...

Black & White can produce such great images! Have a fantastic weekend.

Anonymous said...

Did Knotts buy these trains from Disney for the Calico mine ride?

Davelandweb said...

Not as far as I know, but they do look very similar.

A Snow White Sanctum said...

The black and white certainly does create a nice flavor to the scenes that color wouldn't. Really like the engine pic.