Saturday, October 03, 2009

Trip Report

Went to the park on opening day for the Halloween decor. Even Tilly at the Main Street Cinema was getting into the “spirit” of things:

Although the crowds were a little crazy, it was still a very fun day. First up had to be the Ghost Galaxy overlay for Space Mountain; I knew the lines would be long, and when we got to the queue, we weren’t disappointed! One hour later, we were sitting in the front car.

The new music, lighting, and effects were fun; didn’t really blow me away, but it was fun and a nice change. Once we got off the attraction though, we both agreed a fast pass for a second ride really wasn't necessary. Onto bigger and better breakfast at the Carnation Cafe! Dig those apple pancakes—yum! As mentioned in an earlier post, meeting Oscar Martinez was a real treat. Sitting in the former spot of the Flower Market gave us an opportunity to spot the Halloween decor throughout Main Street.

The Haunted Mansion with the Nightmare Before Christmas was the next goal, but naturally stops at Indiana Jones & Pirates of the Caribbean were necessary! Naturally, like the fools that we are, we had to look into the eyes of the idol!

On Pirates, all of my favorite characters seemed to be doing just fine:

Halloween was subtly apparent even in the shops of New Orleans Square:

Once we got to the Mansion, the line looked horrendous. With an impending lunch (because it’s all about the food!) at the Blue Bayou, we decided to hold off on Jack Skellington until later. The Jungle Cruise worked out as a very nice alternative and as usual, the guide did a mighty fine job.

I always get a kick out of the Dia de los Muertos decor in Frontierland; I don’t know jack about the celebration, but I do know that I love the creepy iconography!

This was also the first time that I’d noticed the Ray Bradbury Frontierland tree in front of the old Pendleton Shop:

It looks way cooler at night though:

Time to head to the Blue Bayou and lapse into a Monte Cristo induced food coma:

Finally made it to The Mansion and even though the line was still crazy, it moved very quickly. We were seeing Jack, Sally, and the Gang in no time at all. In fact, Jack & Sally were there “live” and in person, greeting the guests nearby.

I’ll pick this one up later with another post. Already plenty to digest here!

See more Disneyland Halloween photos at my website.


Major Pepperidge said...

Great trip report! Halloween is slowly but surely making more and more of an impact at Disneyand. Was there anything "ghostly" about Space Mountain, or was it just different lighting effects? Looks like Schweitzer Falls was flowing with some gusto for a change.

VERY cool that they added a Ray Bradbury "Halloween Tree" in Frontierland! Before I read your text I saw that one pumpkin and KNEW it was based on an illustration from the book, one of my favorites as a kid.

Major Pepperidge said...

*Disneyland, not Disneyand!

Daveland said...

Major: There were some ghostly projections that semi-appear as if they are coming out in front of you or across your path, but they just barely miss being convincing or realistic enough to be frightening for an adult.

Anonymous said...

Love trip reports of any kind.
Thanks for this one.

TokyoMagic! said...

Incredible photography as usual, Dave! Thanks for sharing you trip and your photos with us.

William Bezek said...

Oh, you just made my mouth water! The Monte Cristo sandwich is the only thing I order at the Blue Bayou, if I had to choose a "last meal" that would be it!

Unknown said...

HA! Didn't know they had a Jack and Sally!! Wonder how many kids go fleeing the other way upon seeing them. LOL!

And Durn... I shoulda tried the "Monte" last time we went to Blue Bayou!