Friday, October 02, 2009

Freaky Fridays @ The Haunted Mansion: Lighting

Plenty of lighting at the Haunted Mansion. Surprisingly enough, these exterior lamp posts are the same ones (or exact copies) of the ones placed here when the attraction first opened.

Compare with this shot from opening day:

This plaque has become iconic as well as extremely collectible; merchandising has released it in miniature as well as in the form of a mirror. What HM fan wouldn’t want this in their home?!?

From the front porch:

Carefully dusted and cobwebbed, this cool wall sconce hangs in the entryway. Check out the cool Victorian Wallpaper, too.

As you are waiting for the spiel of the Ghost Host, what else can you do but look up at the dusty chandelier?

One of those rare occasions where NOBODY (and I mean NOBODY) was on the attraction and I was able to get shots of the lobby area. Note the spider-web design in the floor:

This is your last chance to check out how you look before the show begins:

See more Disneyland Haunted Mansion photos at my website.


Unknown said...

Great details!!!

Katella Gate said...

I love this Haunted Mansion sign above all other signage.

The Greek theater mask of a satanic Medusa, the correct use of mouldings, and careful control of details and carving ... this is better than a just copy of Victorian funerary art, it's an accomplished counterfeit (and I mean that in a good way).

The typefaces were semi-popular in the 70's, but with the passage of time, they seem less chained to that period and more timeless.

Katella Gate said...

By the way, does anybody remember the original foyer wallpaper? The room was dark, but I recall it was black flocking on a gold foil background. LOL... we had similar stuff in our own foyer!

Major Pepperidge said...

Love the photos of the empty foyer!! There's not even a cast member around. I'd love the experience those pre-Doombuggy parts of the ride without all of the people talking loudly (ignoring the fact that the show has begun).

Unknown said...

love..Love.. LOVE that crackled looking glass. I was admiring it last time we were there.

Now... if they sold those paintings that flicker into spooky versions every few seconds or so, I'd buy them all!!

Lonnie DeCloedt said...

That was a nice opportunity to get in the foyer when there was nobody around! I'd love to have that chance.

Daveland said...

Katella - I definitely do not remember a different wallpaper; now I will have to be on the lookout for an earlier photo. Lonnie - an empty foyer just takes a little patience and good timing. Totally doable!

Westcot2000 said...

Great pics as always Dave.

The wallpaper has changed styles several times that I am aware of. In the 80's it was velvet wallpaper.

The foyer was carpeted in the 80s and 90s. Maybe the wood floor is original and was carpeted over? But it was probably changed in the last few years.

Nicholas Tucker said...

Very nice shots of some extraordinary details! Well done.

Trish Blassingame said...

I love this picture of opening day. I was there and we got in line, it was just after dark. A cast member asked me if I'd would work with them and "be timed" and they gave me a slip of paper with the current time on it. I was asked to hand it in when I entered the foyer so they could check how long I had waited. As a bonus I would not have to surrender my E ticket for the ride.

Once in a lifetime memory for sure.