Monday, October 26, 2009

A Daveland Fave Decade: The 1960’s, Pt. 5

Anyone up for a little Frontierland adventure, circa 1967? Today is the last day of this particular batch, so get ready for a feast of colorful images, starting out with two of the Columbia.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Mark Twain is out of commission while it gets a little TLC from the maintenance crew:

This shot, normally taken from the Twain or the Columbia, appears to have been taken from a speeding train on the Disneyland Railroad. As always, I’ve included the gruesome closeup:

By this point, New Orleans Square was open; here are two views of the newest section of Disneyland:

As we draw closer to the big finish, here are two grab bag shots of small world, looking out from the attraction itself (but most likely taken from the Disneyland Railroad); eagle-eyes will spot the skyway buckets as well as the Richfield Autopia eagle.

Our closing view is a super-duper shot of the red Monorail:

Hope you enjoyed this batch of 1960’s fun! See more Disneyland (both recent and vintage) photos at my website.


TokyoMagic! said...

Hey, it's the backside of the original Small World sign...the one that originally obstructed the view of the clock. I've always wondered why that was placed there. And it looks like at some point, they switched the loading and exit ramps. In that first Small World photo, the people are going down the stairs to board the boats. Those stairs are now used to exit the attraction. In that second SW photo, it looks like the ramp over the waterway leads to a couple exit turnstiles. Today, guests cross that ramp in order to board the attraction!

Thufer said...

It is had to believe that a few hedges were all that was between US and the Rivers of America.

Major Pepperidge said...

Love the shot of the Twain in Fowler's Harbor... the zoom-in is amazingly clear. And that red Monorail is sweet!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Red Monorail - Zowie!

I am so digging all the slurry covered walkways - the current mix of paving stones, bricks, cement, rocks or whatever just looks out of place. Someday I'm going to cover my garage floor with pastel blue slurry!

Interesting pic of the backside of the original IASM sign, that was a bit of a mess. When did they change the queue loading directions, early '70's is my guess?

THANKS DAVE - Great series!

Jason Schultz said...

If I recall correctly, the queue direction was changed when Mattel became the sponsor and the toy shop was constructed (so the shop would be at the exit...).

There are also a couple of Tour Guides at the loading area--wonder if it was a VIP tour!