Tuesday, October 27, 2009

July 1961 Batch

Can’t quite get out of the 1960’s yet, so here’s another batch...this time from July 1961. On Main Street U.S.A., Buster Keaton is starring in “Allez Oop” at the Main Street Cinema. Is that a smart looking family posing in front or what?

Our family from 1961 stopped at the castle for a portrait, but should have moved to the left a little to get the whole castle in. Maybe they were just being considerate of the other guests trying to cross the drawbridge!

This is my earliest shot of the Snow White Wishing Well area, which was only about 3 months old when this photo was snapped.

Once over in Fantasyland, the little wise-guy is getting fresh with Chip (or is that Dale?). Either way, you know there will be revenge once the costume comes off at the end of the shift.

Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon to a location near you! See more Disneyland (both recent and vintage) photos at my website.


The Viewliner Limited said...

Perfect pictures to describe what Disneyland is all about... FAMILY!

Great pics Dave. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That's Chip, Dale has a red nose. (Well, it LOOKS like that's a black nose behind the young lad's mitt!)

Major Pepperidge said...

Ha ha, love the kid pestering Chip. There's something about the colors in that last picture, very "vintage" looking an nice.

TokyoMagic! said...

Dave, there is something I keep forgetting to ask you. What has happened to the Elgin clock that used to sit outside the China Closet on Main St.? It hasn't been there the last few times I was at the park. I hope it's just temporarily missing and that it's only away for repair or rehab. Do you have any info on it?

CoxPilot said...

Hi Dave: Hey, I hesitated to say anything at first because I was sure (still not 100% positive), but I think there are three of the Flight Circle crew in that first photo.

Note the two guys in front of the Tobacco shop. The tall one is George Molitor, and that's Tom ???? next to him. Just next to the light post, to the left of the Cinema is me. Those two other guys on my left are not part of the crew, but just guests walking past me.

I didn't (and never did) smoke, but George did and was always buying cigs from the shop. It was also a place you could get gum if you asked for it. They kept it under the counter for employees, but would not sell it to guests.

Daveland said...

Tokyo - Hadn't noticed the missing clock; hopefully you are right about it just being repaird. Lee - how cool to finally have you in a photo! Maybe one of these days it will be non-blurry!

CoxPilot said...

Well, it's a little blurry, but not bad. The cool thing is that these photos are available to see (thanks to you). History is an amazing thing. The mundane at the moment can become the fascinating of the future. Thanks Dave.

ps: Shared a few e-mails recently with George, and he's doing well these days. He had some major battles with cancer, but is free and clear now. He's looking forward to returning to his flight instructor career.

Unknown said...

LOVE THe Fred Mertz pants on Grandpa!!