Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tell-No-Tales Thursdays: Hairy Legged Pirate

From a vintage publicity shot comes today’s view of the (sometimes) hairylegged pirate and the drunken pirate with piggies, just before you go under the bridge into the scene of fire and pillaging.

Here’s a vintage Viewmaster view of the Hairy Legged Pirate.

In shot #3, maybe he has taken up cycling; or swimming; or plans to compete in a bodybuilding tournament. Who knows. All we know is that the formerly hairy-legged pirate has now gone smooth. Maybe it’s shorts season.

In DVD/Blu-ray news, the next Tinker Bell movie is about to be released on October 27. Before you scoff (as I did), you should really check this out.

I was blown away by not only the fun story and excellent characterization, but also by the visual artistry of this movie. Just amazing. You really must see it to believe it. I would even go see it in a theater on the big screen. It’s that cool. I am sure the new character, Blaze, the firefly, will be popping up soon in parades and merchandise. He’s pretty dang adorable. Check him out in this clip:

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See more Pirates of the Caribbean (both recent and vintage) photos at my website.


Major Pepperidge said...

The pirate with the hairy leg was always one of my favorites! Looks like his girlfriend convinced him to wax his legs, but it's grown back a little.

SamLand said...

Sadly, he must be on another ship because he has been missing from Disneyland's version for a while. That guy has the best laugh.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I thought his legs looked kinda smooth lately. So are they saving money or just turning the pirates into metro-sexuals?

The Tinker Bell movie looks interesting, is it direct to video or is it released in theaters as well? I guess I need Blu-ray!

Daveland said...

Tim - The movie is mainly a direct to video; however, it did have a limited release at the El Capitain in Hollywood so that it could be considered for the Oscars!

Amy said...

Glad to see old photos of the hairy leg pirate. He's been missing for a while.

Speaking of pirates, I want to say a huge thank you for your photos. Because of them we were able to put together a pretty great pirate party based on some the of the ride decorations. Photos here.

Daveland said...

Great job on the party decor Amy!