Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scholarly Saturdays: Encyclopaedia Britannica & Main Street Pt. 2

Today’s Main Street frames focus on Town Square; our camera pans across The Wurlitzer Shop and Maxwell House (the Starbucks of its day!).

Vesey Walker can be seen leading the band in image #2:

The flag ceremonies still continue today.

And finally, we meet the two stars of the series; I’ll just call them Susie and Bobby. Hope you like them, cause you’re going to be seeing quite a bit of them every Saturday! A box of popcorn sure sounds good right about now—and that 20¢ price makes it sound even better! If you look in the background on the right-hand side, you'll see that the doors to the fire department are uncharacteristically shut.

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William Bezek said...

I wish I had a gay, colorful popcorn wagon. Ha! Ha!

Bearride - Raymond said...

I love the pic of the popcorn wagon. If you look n the background, there is a rare sight. The doors on the Fire House are closed. I've never seen a pic with them not open.

Anonymous said...

It appears that popcorn is 15 cents and whatever is hanging in the bags is 20 cents. It may be shelled peanuts. I read somewhere that Disneyland didn't sell peanuts in the shell due to the mess they cause on the ground.

Major Pepperidge said...

I've always thought it was amusing that E. Britannica produced these film strips that were basically a commercial for Disneyland. But they are great!

Daveland said...

Raymond - We both noticed the same thing about the Firehouse...but I guess you didn't notice that I wrote about it in the blog. Must have been distracted by the pretty pictures!

Unknown said...

Britannica! Talk about Disney being ingrained in American pop culture and history!