Sunday, November 11, 2007

Getting Mod, Part 4

The final post in this series is a mix of Main Street & Adventureland. First shot is those lovely girls at the Tahitian Terrace, shaking it for all its worth while guests eat their Polynesian Combo Platters and drink a few Planters Punch Tahitians. Meanwhile, over on Main Street near the Coca Cola Corner, guests are enjoying some parade action featuring Mickey, the Dwarves, and of course the 3 Little Pigs. Dopey has always been my fave; go figure.

For you experts out there, this 1960’s beauty is from a batch that had both Knotts and Disneyland; the building doesn’t look like Main Street to me, but maybe someone could shed some light and confirm if it’s Knotts or not. Knotts or not...I love it. I think I should go back to bed.

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Jason Schultz said...

Dave, I'm pretty sure the piano player is in New Orleans Square. I thought that before reading your comment that you didn't know what it was! I don't have any good photos handy to ID exactly where in NOS, but the ground and the style of the doors match up perfectly with what's there.

Anonymous said...

The piano players cup looks like a Disneyland variety. New Orleans Square is a good bet on location, or perhaps near Oaks Tavern.

Matterhorn1959 said...

The Tahitian Terrace photograph is great. Thanks for sharing.

Amazon Belle said...

Hi Dave,

My guess looking at the doors in the background the flooring and that Disneyland vintage cup is Disneyland, New Orleans, Cafe Orleans patio. Next time you are there check it out. The doors fold and retract into the wall. That is my best guess.