Friday, November 23, 2007

Walt Disney

Except for the final 2 images, I believe I have posted all of these before. However, I thought with today being officially Leftover Day, what better way to celebrate than to do a retrospective of all my Walt-in-the-Park photos in semi-chronological order? The man that was only behind the scenes in Disneyland creation, but also out front, selling the concept to America almost a year in advance on ABC television. Say what you may about him, the guy was brilliant.

A few construction photos; I sure would love to hear the conversation going on here. The poor guy trying to explain something, Walt not buying it, and the lady on the left with the “Oh dear!” look. You can bet that whatever was wrong was taken care of shortly after this talk.

From July 27, 1955, Walt becomes the original “Waldo” as someone took the trouble to put an “X” near the almost unrecognizable back of the park’s creator.

Walt posing with a few guests in Tomorrowland:

Inspecting the decor on near the Adventureland Gates:

Behind the scenes with some new Jungle Cruise animals, circa 1963:

Walt & Mickey: Partners forever.

The last one today is probably my favorite: a beaming Walt relaxing in front of City Hall in Town Square, March 1965:

And on a different note...I went to see “Enchanted” yesterday, after the annual gorgefest on Turkey and the trimmings. I have been anticipating this movie more than any other Disney related film in years; the trailer looked promising, but trailers can often be deceptive. However, the actual movie delivers. Amy Adams is amazing as Giselle, a part that could easily have been played over-the-top and cardboard. Adams actually becomes a live-version of a Disney princess and you believe that she believes. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy this film needs to check their pulse. Kudos also to the songs; it would be hard to exit the theater without humming one or two of them. This is actually a movie that adults and children can enjoy together without the adults getting bored.

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Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Thank you so much for the retrospective of Walt. I know he was just a man, but he was so creative and had/has such a lasting influence on all of us. I too think that March 1965 photo is my favorite (ok, I am partial to 65'), he is beaming and so proud. Oh how I wish he could have been around longer, can you imagine how things would have turned out?

Thanks also for he Enchanted review, sounds like a must see!

Happy Leftover day!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all of the shots.

The one with Walt and Mickey is one of my favorites. Charles Ridgway talks about posing Walt for that picture in his book Spinning Disney's World, which is a great read, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Well in the guy-tries-to-explain-problem-to-Walt photo, clearly Walt is purplexed because he expected the castle tower to be taller, instead of having the top just sticking out of the ground. "Make it TALLER!" he's saying.

Great pictures. I saw Walt at the park with my own eyes on my first visit, in 1956, when I was 6 years old. A tremendous thrill.

We all wish he's stayed around longer, and if he hadn't been a chain smoker, he might well have.

Also, THANKS for the link to the Golden Horseshoe reunion show site. I MUST go! I loved Wally Boag, and must have seen him and Betty and the late, great Fulton Burley some 20 times. This may be the last time we can see his old magic live, and I MUST be there. How wonderful!

"Married? No, you look happy."

"When they operated on father, they opened mother's male."

"My name's Wally Boag. You'll be reading about me in the papers. I smoke in bed."

"You see, it was my father they operated on when they ... You folks still don't care, do you?"

Thank you. Thank you. Wally live, one last time. I never expected to live to see it.