Thursday, November 01, 2007

Flight Circle, Astro Jets, and Pixar DVD’s

Today I present 2 shots of the Flight Circle in Tomorrowland and the Astro Jets. Shot 1 is from 1960. View #2 is from June 1963, and if you squint real hard, you can even see CoxPilot!

FYI: Ratatouille is coming out on DVD and so is Volume 1 of the Pixar Short Collection. I highly recommend “Ratatouille,” as it is a definite step up after the slightly bland “Cars.” Be sure to watch the featurette that cuts between Brad Bird of Pixar and Thomas Keller of the French Laundry restaurant. VERY interesting similar philosophies even though the businesses are different.

“Pixar Shorts” is a great collection; the best part is watching the shorts in chronological order and seeing how computer animation has developed. The featurette is an excellent bonus, describing how John Lasseter would sit next to the techno geeks as they were developing the software to produce these amazing shorts. A definite marriage of art and computers.

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