Saturday, November 24, 2007

Town Square Trio

“Winston! Come quickly! That’s SCARY Minnie! Let’s go!” Yes, it’s Scary Minnie; her costume was still somewhat frightening (in a Chuckie the Clown way) when this August 1960 photos was snapped. The Mad Hatter was still a Baby Stroller/Wheelchair shop. Moving back to color, we have a view of the Horse Drawn Streetcar from April 1963. Sailor hats must have been in, as I see at least 2 in this photo.

Although his face looks a little lumpy, Mickey is definitely less scary with this better proportioned costume from 1965 (note tour going on in background):

See more vintage and current Disneyland Town Square photos on my regular website.


The Viewliner Limited said...

As usual more great pictures. As I told Gorrilas Dont Blog and Stuff from the Park, I have been looking at theirs and your blog for sometime and have enjoyed it all. I started my own blog yesterday. It will be a blog featuring all things true "Americana", When you get a chance take a look. Thanks again for all the great pictures.

Unknown said...

I love the old costumes. People will probably laugh at the ones we use now, compared to the holographic/robot/living characters in 50 years.

How did they hold up those enormous heads?