Tuesday, November 06, 2007

BW Mish-Mash

Mish-Mash?!? Who writes this crap? Oh yeah...it’s me, and “medley” has been overused. Anyway, this Plaza Pavilion shot is from June 1964; natch, I have included a closeup of the menu. Sure makes me hungry.

Now that you’re hungry, maybe it’s time to wander over to Frontierland to the “Old” New Orleans area and have some pancakes with Aunt Jemima. This adorable little tot in Mouse ears is from February 1956.

Enough of the past, let’s head to the future, with this early 1950’s Central Plaza/Tomorrowland entrance view:

Now that we’ve penetrated the future, let’s take an April 1957 look at the Moonliner/Rocket to the Moon attraction:

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Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, another great lot of early black and white photos....

Stub Winged Bilge Rat said...

I'll have the Hot Corned Beef Sandwich on Rye, Coleslaw and Pickle, with a slice of Warm Apple Pie with Chedder Cheese and tall glass of milk. What!, $1.45! why that's highway robbery!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Flight Circle was there at the time, but it was run by Wen-Mac in those days. Was this taken from the Skyway? When I started working there in 1959 I made $1.25/hr. Whow! $50 a week. I was rolling in dough. I would have a French Dip in the caffeteria every day for .50¢, and thought it was expensive.

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

The pic with the girl wearing mouse ears has a great Casa de Fritos sign from its original location on the right. There is also a horse-shaped hitching post on the far left, like the ones on Main Street. Anyone remember if that's still there?

There's a view uou couldn't get today in the last pic- you can see the Main Street Train Station behind RTTM. Now there's a mountain in the way. Great photos.