Thursday, November 15, 2007

Monsanto House of the Future Blowout: The Interior

Exterior pictures of the Monsanto House of the Future abound (although this nightime shot is kinda’ dreamy!); today though, we’ll take a peak inside this modern marvel, beginning with an overview of the floor plan.

Here we are in the kitchen of tomorrow (still eating iceberg lettuce though!):

Howzabout this way cool ultra-sonic dishwasher? Sound vibrations in water remove the food—wow!

Even children of the future get fun rooms (note Mickey decor on the shelf to the little girl’s right). I do find it funny that with all the mod upgrades, the little girl’s phonograph looks a little out of place.

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Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I love that Dreamy nighttime photo; the Castle looks just perfect in the background.

Does that kid have a TV in his bedroom? This MUST be the future! And at first glance, that boy has to be named “Rusty” but I bet his dad called him Sport!

Thanks tons for this series, this is one attraction I sure wish stayed a little bit longer… When exactly did they take it out? I have seen early film of the People Mover with the HTF still in place?

Jason Schultz said...

The interior overview is great! I'd never seen anything which visually explains what's what.

vintage disneyland tickets: The HotF was removed in December 1967. I've never heard why it stuck around, but my guess is that they had their hands full redoing the rest of Tomorrowland and it was an additional attraction for Guests while the rest of the land was closed.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, it's the next best thing to actually being there! These are great. That ultrasonic dishwasher doesn't inspire me very much. Good old soap and water is good enough!

The combination of futurism and cool 50's stuff (like the stero, clothing, and TV) make for an awesome mix!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the comments as much as the photos themselves. To call the "state-of-the-art" Webcore Hi-Fi phonograph a "stero" is a hoot. I had that very one (same color) and it was the best you could get then, unless you built it yourself from HeathKit. A few people had tape recorders, but the music was expensive and very little available. FM was just beginning, and your were considered a BeatNick if you listened to it. Try watching "Mad Men" if you want a real feeling of the times. A great look back.

Lainey Schallock said...

This House of the Future Blowout is Great Dave. I LOVE it. That top photograph at night with castle... what an interesting juxtaposition. And I also love the attire of the woman in the kitchen... it's screaming the 1950's even though it's the house of the future. I'd LOVE to have her cute yellow dress. Tres classy.

Daveland said...

Thanks all; the housewife looks like a Loretta Young wannabe. There will be even more of her tomorrow!