Saturday, September 15, 2007

Upjohn Pharmacy Interior, Nov. 1955

One of the greatest things about doing this blog is being able to “meet” (or whatever the word is for the online equivalent) people who worked for the park and other Disneyland fanatics who are just as much into the history of the park as I am. One such person is CoxPilot. Having worked at the Flight Circle in Tomorrowland, he has been a fantastic resource for photos and information. He has willingly shared his memories and allowed me to post them to my site, for which I am extremely grateful. Here are 3 photos from his collection, starting off with an interior of the Upjohn Pharmacy on West Main Street, from November 1955. Picture 2 is from the 20K Exhibit that was in Tomorrowland, showing off some of the actual suits used in the movie.

Pic 3 is a little short on detail, but still a rarity: a pencil sketch of the Nautilus, from the same exhibit:

Many thanks to CoxPilot for making it possible to view these rare images.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, great photos of two seldom-photographed attractions. I can't wait to see what else CoxPilot has to share!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photographs Dave. Always look forward to your posts. Thanks again. P.S. Background color on the blog is a little hard on the eyes.

Daveland said...

Hey anonymous - I lightened the background and changed the text to black - hopefully that will be easier to read. Thanks for the suggestion -

Unknown said...

That is one of the best things about the Disney Interweb: meeting all of these amazing people with the same passion!

Anonymous said...

How great to see that Nautilus interior chart again after so many, many years. The 20K exhibit was my favorite when I was a small boy. I would go in there and play Captain Nemo and stay for as long as an hour. 20K was one of my favorite movies as a boy, asn I read and loved the book many times.